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2019-2020 Scholarship Recipients

RMSF Scholarship

How about honoring a friend, relative, or teacher with a scholarship in their name?


Scholarships can be awarded for one, or multiple years


A great way for an entire class to be remembered - i.e. 'Class of 74 Scholarship'


Scholarships can be made for specific majors

How To Help

Contact us at

to get more information about starting a scholarship for the students at Rio Mesa.

Virginia L. Bennett Memorial Scholarship

RMSF Scholarship

Sarahy Torres

Elmont W. Michaelson Memorial Scholarship

Ed Phillips Memorial Scholarship

Barbara Perez

Richard Kent Memorial Scholarship

Christopher Pao

James Adolfo Fitzgerald Memorial Scholarship

April Knutson

Elizabeth Loredo

Elisse Weinerth

Zachary Schneider

Sophia Esherick

Jelynn Tadad

Horacio Lujan

RMSF Scholarship

RMSF Scholarship

RMSF Scholarship